They Cut My Claws



Dougal – They cut my claws this morning just when I had got them nice and sharp, now I have to do them all over again.

Me – Well you should not scratch at the new doors, but should ask nicely to go out.

Dougal – Well it is not fair, Florence has not had her claws cut and I had to have flea stuff on my neck again.

Me – Florence does not scratch at the doors so she does not need to have hers cut and she will be getting some more flea stuff when she comes in.

Dougal – Well you only got one picture of me as I jumped down when you pointed that thing at me; I hope you got my best side.

Me – Probably not, it is not as sharp as it should be, just like your claws!


Snow 1

The weather forecast was for snow and yes, we did get some. My husband takes medication at 0700 hours and called upstairs to say it was snowing. I texted my daughter, we always text each other when it snows and then grabbed my dressing gown and camera. I opened the patio doors and felt a blast of cold air, took three pictures and retreated inside. Although there were a few more flakes, within minutes of taking this picture it was raining!

It is cold here about three degrees Celsius and windy at times, mainly gusting although further high winds are forecast for our area. Maybe we will get some more snow later today or overnight, but it needs to be gone by Monday so that my family can get to college and work.


Cambridge Raptor Foundation

We went into Cambridge this morning to meet with a group of friends, but prior to meeting them we met this man and his owls. There were several Owls and a Kestrel and they were very popular with people stopping to give a donation or stroke the owls. They were from The Cambridge Raptor Foundation.


After meeting our friends went to catch the Stagecoach Park and Ride bus, to Babraham at the Grafton Centre. The queues were horrendous and it was obvious that the buses were not running every ten minutes, as they should do. We waited forty minutes, while seven buses went in the other direction to Milton and then came back again, all following each other. One bus did return from Milton slightly earlier, but it was taken out of service! We debated whether to walk to the town centre, get a bus to Addenbrookes and then walk to the Park and Ride. I also debated whether I should call a taxi! It rained heavily the whole time and by the time I eventually got home I was extremely cold. A glass of red wine and supper soon warmed me up. Then one of our friends visited in the evening so it was lovely to catch up with him.

Addenbrookes and Scotsdales

This morning we went to Addenbrookes Hospital, but not for an appointment, but to attend a meeting related to when my husband was in Intensive Care in Addenbrookes in 2013. This group is called the JVF Intensive Care Unit Patient and Relative Support and Development Group (the link is to the main hospital site). The group was formed just over two years ago. It meets twice a year and does what its name suggests. We were not sure what to expect, but this is an excellent support group, both for those who have been in Intensive Care and for their relatives; we were both able to contribute and we will be going to future meetings too. Despite the criticism and negative comments that this hospital receives, this is a wonderful hospital, without which my husband would not be here.

Then, as we are going to Cambridge again later in the week, there was no need to visit the city today, we went to Scotsdales Garden Centre for lunch and to buy some pansies for the front window boxes and tubs by the front door as the summer plants now look rather sad. We also bought a variety of other things including crackers for Christmas and a new colouring book for me. I also bought a new torch to go on my key ring; I am very good at losing them.

Part of the Christmas 2015 display in the foyer of Scotsdales Garden Centre in Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

Part of the Christmas 2015 display in the foyer of Scotsdales Garden Centre in Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

The Weather – Another dull day, but the temperature at noon in our garden in Newport, in Essex, in the United Kingdom, was thirteen degrees Celsius.

A Refund

An email arrived this morning from Ocado in response to my email which I mentioned in my blog post of Saturday 7 November. I was owed 20p, for four plastic bags, they have apologised that their driver did not credit me with the correct amount of bags and as they have said in their email, we have credited you with double the amount, a grand amount of 40p!

The Weather – Another dull day with a hint of rain. However, the temperature at noon in our garden in Newport, in Essex, in the United Kingdom, was sixteen degrees Celsius. The wind made it feel very much colder; it appears that from now on it will get colder and more like November.

A Typical November Day – Weatherwise.

Today I have been uploading my ‘firework’ pictures to my Flickr account, in small batches this time. I spent a lot of time on Saturday uploading all of them only to have the system collapse with none actually uploaded; the cause of my migraine perhaps?

I have been redesigning this blog and until I am sure that I want to write a blog after half-heartedly writing one for several years, I spent the morning updating it, it is work in progress. I have half-heartedly written a blog for several years, but the one I was using would not do what I wanted it to do, so I have recently started a new one. It is a ‘free’ one although I do not like the leaves in the design. Until I decide that it is worthwhile paying for an upgrade I will continue with this design for now.

I have not been outside, except on to the balcony to secure tables and chairs, two of which had already blown over.

The Weather – More wind and rain, but despite this the temperature at noon in our garden in Newport, in Essex, in the United Kingdom, was twelve degrees Celsius.