All Saints’ Day

Sunday 1 November is the day that I have chosen to start a new blog, although it is possible that I will record important events, prior to this date. As well as recording my daily life, I hope to include information, with gluten-free recipes and pictures, consumer reviews, my family and my cats, in fact, my daily, (often boring to others,) everyday life.

This morning a bird had managed to get into the kitchen, presumably through one of the gaps that our (sacked) builder assured us had been filled. It was perched amongst the plants on the windowsill and was a Wren, (Troglodytes troglodytes). It is, I believe, Britain’s smallest bird, it is brownish in colour and despite being very small, has a very loud and complex song. It flew into one of the cavities in the unfinished wall, we opened the window and shortly afterwards, we could hear it singing in the garden; we assume it has escaped okay.

Today –  is All Saints’ Day, which was celebrated by the Roman Catholic Church and some Protestant communities. It is a day when all the Saints are honoured and follows Halloween, a day when witches and ghosts are abroad. It is believed that this day has been celebrated in the United Kingdom, at least since the eighth century. Local Churches remember the deceased of their parish and often their names are read out during the service.

The Weather – Overnight the fog was very thick, but quickly dispersed, during the morning, once the sun came out, making it a pleasant, if a little cold, November day. The temperature at 1200 noon GMT was thirteen degrees Celsius, but did not rise any higher.

As well as being my Uncle Reg’s birthday, (Reginald Smith Ream – 1914-2001) it is also the birthday of Gary Player (80) a golfer and Alfred Wegener (1880-1930) a scientist, as well as many more actors, actress, musicians and other famous people, most of whom I have never heard of!

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