Addenbrookes Hospital Day

This afternoon my husband has an appointment at Addenbrookes Hospital; prior to his appointment we will go in to Cambridge. Addenbrookes Hospital originated in 1766 using £4,500 from the will of Dr John Addenbrookes; he studied at St Catherine’s College in Cambridge. Before moving to its present site it was situated on Trumpington Street, before moving to its Hill’s Road site in 1976. Extensive building work is being carried out and the heart and lung hospital at Papworth Everard, is scheduled to move onto the site in 2017. A dedicated children’s hospital will also be built and should be ready by 2020.

Today –  Many flights were cancelled due to the fog and London Heathrow airport said it had cancelled 122 flights. Other airports closed for several hours were London City as well as Manchester, Glasgow, Belfast, Leeds, Bradford and Cardiff.

The Weather – Very foggy overnight and slow to clear although the sun did shine in Cambridge around lunchtime for a few hours. The temperature at 12 noon GMT was about thirteen degrees Celsius. As I drove home around 1630 hours, the fog was descending across the fields, but most of the roads were clear.

There are no family birthdays today, but the two I have chosen to record today are Burt Lancaster (1913 – 1994) whose films I have always loved as well as Marie Antoinette (1755 – 1793) of ‘let them eat cake’ fame.

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