Wet, Windy and Plastic Bags

I have my grocery shopping delivered every week by Ocado and since companies now charge for plastic bags, they offer 5p for every bag you recycle; you give these to your driver, who tosses them into one of the empty crates that your shopping arrived in. It does not matter whether they are an Ocado bag or any other plastic bag. Ocado need to have a foolproof system for counting how many bags are returned. Yesterday I was credited for only six bags when I returned ten; they were all Ocado bags! Only 20p I hear you say, but that could be 20p (or more) every week, which should be mine and is over £10 in a year; YES, I have contacted them!

The torrential rain has caused a leak in our conservatory ceiling. We paid a lot of money to have the lead flashing and slates repaired by, what we were told, by our builders was a ‘competent roofer’. My husband will now have to do the job himself.

The Weather – Torrential rain overnight and again this morning and despite the winds, which seem to be increasing, the temperature at noon in Newport, in Essex, in the United Kingdom, was once again sixteen degrees Celsius.

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