A Typical November Day – Weatherwise.

Today I have been uploading my ‘firework’ pictures to my Flickr account, in small batches this time. I spent a lot of time on Saturday uploading all of them only to have the system collapse with none actually uploaded; the cause of my migraine perhaps?

I have been redesigning this blog and until I am sure that I want to write a blog after half-heartedly writing one for several years, I spent the morning updating it, it is work in progress. I have half-heartedly written a blog for several years, but the one I was using would not do what I wanted it to do, so I have recently started a new one. It is a ‘free’ one although I do not like the leaves in the design. Until I decide that it is worthwhile paying for an upgrade I will continue with this design for now.

I have not been outside, except on to the balcony to secure tables and chairs, two of which had already blown over.

The Weather – More wind and rain, but despite this the temperature at noon in our garden in Newport, in Essex, in the United Kingdom, was twelve degrees Celsius.

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