Cambridge Raptor Foundation

We went into Cambridge this morning to meet with a group of friends, but prior to meeting them we met this man and his owls. There were several Owls and a Kestrel and they were very popular with people stopping to give a donation or stroke the owls. They were from The Cambridge Raptor Foundation.


After meeting our friends went to catch the Stagecoach Park and Ride bus, to Babraham at the Grafton Centre. The queues were horrendous and it was obvious that the buses were not running every ten minutes, as they should do. We waited forty minutes, while seven buses went in the other direction to Milton and then came back again, all following each other. One bus did return from Milton slightly earlier, but it was taken out of service! We debated whether to walk to the town centre, get a bus to Addenbrookes and then walk to the Park and Ride. I also debated whether I should call a taxi! It rained heavily the whole time and by the time I eventually got home I was extremely cold. A glass of red wine and supper soon warmed me up. Then one of our friends visited in the evening so it was lovely to catch up with him.

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