Male Pheasant

Today it is still cold, but we have some lovely sunshine, but this picture was taken through a none too clean kitchen window. This is a male Pheasant and he is eating bird food dropped by other birds from the feeder’s above.


Male Pheasant

I have spent quite a lot of today updating my family tree on my father’s side. My great-aunt was a famous photographer (Lilian Ream) when they used ‘plates’ and her pictures and postcards often appear on FaceBook. Some of Lilian’s negatives where lost in a fire, some have deteriorated, but many of them are protected by a Trust and housed in the Wisbech Museumn. To cut a very long story short, someone commented that Lilian was her great-aunt. I private messaged this person (C) and discovered that her grandmother and my grandfather were brother and system. C is in America and her grandmother had emigrated, with her own mother to America in 1911; this was something I already knew. However, C gave me the name of her grandmother’s husband and I have been tracing some of my long-lost relatives and adding them to my tree. I will give C access to my tree so that she can look at it and update her tree and hopefully correct any mistakes if there are any from a copy of the Ream tree, which was given to her by another person in the family who got much of his information from my father; it really is a small world.

Dougal – Now Comes the Difficult Bit


Dougal 3


Hello everyone, Dougal here. When my Mum did her walk round the garden this morning, she wanted me to pose for her so that she could take some pictures to email to Giunio from Dick White Referrals who operated on me and made my back better. He did that in September 2012 after I had been run over and my back was broken in three places. She asked me to climb a tree, so I did; this is me climbing down, it is a bit more difficult than climbing up. Then I went one better and caught a mouse so she is sending that picture as well, just to show how clever I am.

This is Florence, my sister, sitting in the sunshine. Yes, we have blue skies and sunshine today, Mum says it is also quite mild for December


Dick White Referrals is a specialised veterinary hospital looking after dogs, cats and other small animals.

Dougal and Mouse

Catching my own Lunch

Dougal 1

In the Old Apple Tree

Watching the Sunrise


  • Dougal 1


An early picture from me today, so not much to say about the day except it is likely to be another lazy day.

I was outside, in my dressing gown, taking pictures of the sunrise when I decided I would get better pictures from the balcony; someone else had the same idea. We try not to post similar pictures so my picture today is of Dougal, watching the sunrise from the windowsill of his and Florence’s bedroom. In this picture you can see the reflection from the sky from the West; the sky is already lightening and changing. The new railway station lights are also reflected in the picture. I have posted two extra pictures today of the sunrise from the balcony, these are straight out of the camera.


There is not much of interest in the garden at the moment and it has rained for most of the day, so today’s blip is an indoor one. It is of some of the flowers, which were bought for my birthday; they are doing well and a week old now. If the weather is wet tomorrow I may blip more of them.

A lazy day today with just a lamb rack for Sunday roast and a few more bubbles to go with it.

Christmas at Hillview


As usual we went to our daughter’s home for Christmas day. As it was raining we took the car, so that we could either leave the car there or my husband could drive us home as he is not permitted alcohol.

We started with champagne and then wine at lunchtime, interspersed with vodka jelly shots. Some one (me it seems) left the hot tap running in the small bathroom and flooded the bathroom as well as causing the paint on the walls to blister!

After lunch we opened our presents and today’s picture shows everyone, except me, amongst the presents and wrapping paper. During the afternoon some people played Mario Kart on the Wii. Before coming home we played Simon’s new game of ‘Survival’, which I won.

I felt perfectly sober, but decided that as I had had some alcohol; my husband should drive my car home. He has only driven my car once before and drove all the way home in second gear, trying to go from second to fifth, which he can do in his car, but not in mine. Perhaps we should have taken his car and if we get invited next year, (maybe not since I flooded the bathroom) we will either walk or take his car.

Fox in the Snow


A photograph taken of a Christmas card from the People’s Trust for Endangered Species. Copyright for the picture on the card belongs to the original photographer.

I do their mammal watch every year for thirteen weeks recording how many mammals I notice during the times I am watching during the thirteen week period.

It is very windy here and we have just had torrential rain, no snow today and none forecast.

Everything is completed and all I have to do now is wish everyone who is celebrating, a very Happy Christmas; for those of you who do not celebrate Christmas I offer you the compliments of the season.