Christmas at Hillview


As usual we went to our daughter’s home for Christmas day. As it was raining we took the car, so that we could either leave the car there or my husband could drive us home as he is not permitted alcohol.

We started with champagne and then wine at lunchtime, interspersed with vodka jelly shots. Some one (me it seems) left the hot tap running in the small bathroom and flooded the bathroom as well as causing the paint on the walls to blister!

After lunch we opened our presents and today’s picture shows everyone, except me, amongst the presents and wrapping paper. During the afternoon some people played Mario Kart on the Wii. Before coming home we played Simon’s new game of ‘Survival’, which I won.

I felt perfectly sober, but decided that as I had had some alcohol; my husband should drive my car home. He has only driven my car once before and drove all the way home in second gear, trying to go from second to fifth, which he can do in his car, but not in mine. Perhaps we should have taken his car and if we get invited next year, (maybe not since I flooded the bathroom) we will either walk or take his car.

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