Dougal – Now Comes the Difficult Bit


Dougal 3


Hello everyone, Dougal here. When my Mum did her walk round the garden this morning, she wanted me to pose for her so that she could take some pictures to email to Giunio from Dick White Referrals who operated on me and made my back better. He did that in September 2012 after I had been run over and my back was broken in three places. She asked me to climb a tree, so I did; this is me climbing down, it is a bit more difficult than climbing up. Then I went one better and caught a mouse so she is sending that picture as well, just to show how clever I am.

This is Florence, my sister, sitting in the sunshine. Yes, we have blue skies and sunshine today, Mum says it is also quite mild for December


Dick White Referrals is a specialised veterinary hospital looking after dogs, cats and other small animals.

Dougal and Mouse

Catching my own Lunch

Dougal 1

In the Old Apple Tree

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