Male Pheasant

Today it is still cold, but we have some lovely sunshine, but this picture was taken through a none too clean kitchen window. This is a male Pheasant and he is eating bird food dropped by other birds from the feeder’s above.


Male Pheasant

I have spent quite a lot of today updating my family tree on my father’s side. My great-aunt was a famous photographer (Lilian Ream) when they used ‘plates’ and her pictures and postcards often appear on FaceBook. Some of Lilian’s negatives where lost in a fire, some have deteriorated, but many of them are protected by a Trust and housed in the Wisbech Museumn. To cut a very long story short, someone commented that Lilian was her great-aunt. I private messaged this person (C) and discovered that her grandmother and my grandfather were brother and system. C is in America and her grandmother had emigrated, with her own mother to America in 1911; this was something I already knew. However, C gave me the name of her grandmother’s husband and I have been tracing some of my long-lost relatives and adding them to my tree. I will give C access to my tree so that she can look at it and update her tree and hopefully correct any mistakes if there are any from a copy of the Ream tree, which was given to her by another person in the family who got much of his information from my father; it really is a small world.

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