Save Blipfoto

Save Blip

Blipfoto is a very special place where you take one picture a day and choose some words to go with it. Others can comment on your journal and you can comment on their journal. Blipfoto is in trouble and many thousands of ‘blippers’ as we are called will be devastated if Blip is not saved. A company, BlipFuture, has been registered at Companies House, in order to try and save thousands of journals, from all around the world. Some blippers have been posting pictures every day for over eight years. Below is my entry for today and can be seen here.

Today’s blip is of a beautiful Christmas tree decoration taken against an entry, for blip and blipping taken from the Concise Oxford Dictionary. Why this picture?

This Christmas tree decoration was sent to me by a fellow blipper and depicts part of what Blip means to me, friendship with people from all over the world. The verse that came with decoration states, ‘Friends are like stars, you don’t always see them, but you know they are there’; this sums up what Blip means to thousands of us.

I have been blipping for almost five years and my journal has become part of my daily life; it is a journal of pictures and words, which describe my day. FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, as well as all of the other social media sites out there do not come close to what blipfoto provides and what it means to me and thousands of other blippers. I can smile and enjoy their happy occasions, watch babies grow and ‘take part’ in their family occasions. I cry buckets when a four-legged friend is no longer with us and drool over tasty cakes and bakes. I can share their holidays, visiting many places I would never be able to visit. I have met some blippers over the years and encouraged one of two to join, but in general, Blip means recording my daily life as well as taking a brief look at other blippers lives through their journal.

If we do not save Blipfuture, by pledging something, Blip will be lost forever. You can help to save Blip for us and for future generations by visiting the crowd-funding site and pledging as much as you can afford. Thank you.

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