Puddle on my One Street


A trip to Addenbrookes this morning, the first of many this year, for my husband. We go again on Saturday so that they can do an ultrasound scan of the lump that appeared on my leg in November. It has almost gone now, but the mark where the GP stuck a needle in it is still very visible.

We went to Scotsdales Garden Centre for lunch and to get some more peanuts as the Squirrels have eaten almost all that I had in stock. I also bought a new handbag and a pair of fleece lined ‘Crocs’ to use as slippers.

Today’s picture is the ‘puddle’ outside my house, which the council say does not exist so nothing can be done about it. It is not likely to flood the house, but cars that go through it fast splash water on the walls and windows. It has rained on and off for most of the day, it was also cold and windy, but as I took this picture the sun came out, very briefly. This lane is also part of my ‘one street’ project.


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