European Grey Squirrel

SquirelAs some of you may know my husband has a new camera, which he purchased because his ‘proper’ camera has gone to be repaired and also because he wanted a lighter camera.

Today is a busy working day for me so at lunchtime I tried it out; I will not be purchasing one of these and will stick to my own camera. As I said when he purchased it, it does not say ‘Nikon’ on the front. It seems to take an age from when you press the shutter button to actually taking the picture and this was the best I could do and it is now too dark to take pictures with my own camera. It has had a little contrast added as it was taken through the kitchen window. I know there are other photographers who use a similar camera (Panasonic/Lumix DMC-FZ72) great results, so maybe I am just not used to it.

I have not been outside much today and saw Mrs Tubby, who I think this is, through the kitchen window as well as another squirrel feeding from their nut box.

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