Reading with Daddy

ReadingI have been a bit of a nuisance today as I have been in and out of the back doors quite a number of times. I complained to Mum that it was wet, cold and very windy; do you know what she said? ‘Well what do you expect, it is January’. I usually sit on Mum’s knee and Florence sits on Daddy, but today she was working, so Daddy said I could sit with him. I got bored looking at his magazine; there are not many pictures in Scientific American. Mum says it will probably get much wetter and windier, so my four-legged friends stay indoors if you can; Mum is typing this for me, I am now asleep with my back to the radiator. Love from Dougal.

PS – Mum said there will not be much commenting on Blip today as our broadband and landline are not working. BT have confirmed there is a fault (Mum said probably due to the wind) and that they hoped it would be repaired within four days!

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