Red Telephone Boxes

Telephone Boxes

As it looked as though it would be a dry day, we decided to go to Cambridge, mainly for a day out, taking pictures and to get some small items. I ended up buying something small, but rather expensive!

We started with breakfast in BHS and then had to walk past Jessup’s camera shop, where I had another look at the small camera I mentioned in my blip of Sunday 10 January; it came home with me. This evening I shall be playing with it. It will not replace my Nikon and does not say Nikon on the front, but it is small and light so is likely to get taken out instead my heavier camera.

We did not walk as much as we planned as my husband’s legs where not being cooperative, but by the end of the day I will have clocked up 10000 steps on my FitBit, which is something I try to do every day although I do not always achieve it.

About two minutes after we got home the BT Open Reach people banged on the door. I now have a telephone and Internet connection, as well as a lot of muddy footprints! It seems the fault was on the wire, which ran from the back entrance to the railway station to my home; the wire was broken in several places and has now been replaced.

Today’s picture is of the red telephone boxes near the market, I have posted them before, but heard somewhere that they might be removed. It would be a shame if they were as the tourist love them; so do I, which is why they are my choice today. I suppose now almost everyone has a mobile telephone they belong to a bygone era; so it seems do I.R

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