I recently commented that I had not seen any Goldfinches in our garden despite putting out Niger seed for them. During the last few days one (or maybe more) has appeared, so I decided to choose a Goldfinch for today’s picture. I took about twenty photographs; none of them were sharp. Instead I have chosen Florence who is sitting in one of her favourite places; she likes the balcony or if it is windy she sits just at the edge between the balcony and the roof. There is no need to worry about Florence’s eye, she was born this way and was checked by the vet when she was a few weeks old.



Blue Hyacinth

I could not decide which picture to use today as I had quite a few to choose from, the Garden, Hellebores, Snowdrops, Ducks, Birds, Molehills, a Rabbit and Dougal. In the end I decided to use these very blue Hyacinths, which are growing in one of the tubs outside the back door; they have not been enhanced and actually are this colour. They do very well every year although the pink ones, in the same pot are a long way behind. The others are on my Flickr account.

A dull day, but no rain, but no sunshine either so a day of doing what Saturday is for; not very much.

The chocolate Brownie from yesterday, was certainly not your average Brownie, it is the best one I have eaten; I shall be back for more.


Not Your Average Brownie

BrownieThis morning I went to Bishop’s Stortford with my daughter as she had some errands to do including visiting the vet to collect Sybil’s medicine. Some while ago when we were having our nails done, another nail customer mentioned the Blue Egg and the Knead Food café, which did gluten-free food. Today we went to check it out.

We were too early for lunch, but had breakfast, as well as a look around the gift shop. After breakfast we purchased cake to bring home; they had a good selection of cakes and although as a Coeliac I sometime get fed up with being offered chocolate Brownies, today I chose a Raspberry and Chocolate Brownie and this is today’s picture. I do not know how good it is yet. I also bought one for Oliver who I am sure will let me know if it is not up to standard. Choosing a normal cake to bring home for Victoria was more difficult as some of the cakes contained dark chocolate, which gives her migraines.

I shall be going back, (not today) as they serve gluten-free fish and chips on Friday between 1600 and 2000 hours.

A Disagreement


Reed Buntings

I had some late submitted word to mark today, so I have not been outside very much. I did see one of our local Buzzards circling the garden, which made the squirrels run for cover. I do not know if Buzzards can catch squirrels, but they were certainly not taking any chances; Dougal and Florence also asked to come indoors at the same time.

My picture today, taken through the kitchen window is of two male Reed Buntings. Here they are arguing over the seed and just after I took this picture the one on the right flew away.




This morning it was very cold, well about minus three degrees Celsius. My car has always been difficult to start when it is very cold and this morning was no exception. Josephine is almost twenty-one and it is possibly time she retired; maybe I should too.

As it looked as though it might be a nice day, we went to Bishop’s Stortford, starting with breakfast in the Rosey Lea café; this is becoming a habit. I had a cheese, tomato and onion toastie as well as a piece of gluten-free carrot cake. The purpose of the visit to Bishop’s Stortford was to have a walk by the river and take pictures, which is where today’s picture was taken of this Moorhen. There was a lot of wild life around and we saw a fisherman who had just landed a Pike, which he said weighed about two pounds; we then watched him put it back.

After our walk we went back to the Rosey Lea café to have coffee before coming home. My husband had a scone and I had another piece of carrot cake. Two pieces in one day is not good for my diet, but I had walked 10000 steps on my FitBit so I guess that was okay.

After the frosty start, the weather was lovely with lots of sunshine and reasonably warm as long as you were in the sunshine.

If you wish to see the rest of the pictures I took today, they can be seen on my Flickr account.


BorderIt was a nice morning so I did some gardening, only two hours, of tidying up, tying up plants and planting those I purchased on Sunday. Other than that I have not done much else of interest. Although it has been sunny, it has clouded over several times and looked as though it would rain; but did not do so. Today’s picture is part of one of our larger borders and where I was working this morning.