Running Repairs



We went outside this afternoon when the parcel force vehicle delivered a parcel and I noticed that our boundary chain fence had been cut through again. We do not know who did this, but being a suspicious sort of person I believe, perhaps wrongly, that it is the hooligans who have been hammering on the door again are to blame. Of course it could be others who want the chain for scrap.

We recently discovered that the boys that plagued us last year and again more recently, had not only been banging on our doors, but also on many other properties in the village. The boys were identified by other villagers who knew who they were. Joyce Franklin Academy, where the boys go to school said they are ‘dealing with it’; the police are not interested.

So today’s picture is of my husband temporarily mending the chain until he is able to do it properly using welding gear. You might wonder why we have a boundary chain; it is to prevent the commuters, adults this time, from parking their cars on our lawn and in our drive, while they travel to London to work all day.

The sun has been shining but it has also been very cold again today.


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