I had planned to take my new camera for another outing today, but it is extremely windy, cold and wet, I have spent the morning and much of the afternoon working so that if there is a nice day next week I can go out.

With all the hype recently about the computer beating the ‘Go’ expert I decided that this was a game I would like to play. I can beat my husband at chess, sometimes, I wonder if I can beat him at this?

The ‘book for beginners’ was out of stock on Amazon, so I am hoping that the instructions inside this box are in English. However, the outside does not look very promising in that respect. Hopefully the book will not be too long before it appears.

At 1109 hours this morning I received a text from Victoria, it said ‘Got my black belt! X. So many congratulations Victoria and we will look forward to seeing you on Monday evening when you visit for a catch up on judo and your college work.

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