The River Cam not far down from its source.


River CamIt is my oldest’s friend’s birthday, (I have know her since I was five,) on Monday so a card needed to be posted this morning. I forgot that the post box near my home is cleared at 0700 hours, (stupid time) so I had to walk to the village shop in order to send it on its way.

As usual I took my camera and decided that I would take this view, which I have taken before, but this time to show how dangerous it is now that the trees and bushes have been removed. This is the River Cam, quite near to its source which runs all the way to Cambridge, before joining other rivers and flowing onwards towards the North Sea.

This weekend is a special one and it would have been nice to go out, but the weather was awful and it has rained on and off all day. Tomorrow is our actual Wedding Anniversary, but we always celebrate on the Saturday too, we were married on the Saturday so why not. If the weather is good tomorrow we might go out to lunch, but as it is also Valentines Day and everywhere gets very busy.

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