Today has been a long day, I was up at 0445 hours, as I took my hospital to Addenbrookes hospital; we were there by 0630 hours. He was gowned and ready for theatre by 0900 hours, but it was not until 1515 hours that they came to collect him. I had been told he would be about three hours, but when I went back to A3 where he was going to after surgery, I was told that he was still in theatre and not yet in the recovery room; it would be at least another two to three hours. I came home.

I was hardly through the door when the sister on C8 rang to say he was out of theatre and been taken to C8; this is orthopaedic and the sister did not say why he had been taken there. I have not spoken to him; maybe he does not have his phone with him as all his belongs were on A3 as he should have gone back there.

After he had gone to theatre I went down on to the concourse to wait; my daughter arrived to wait with me. Today’s picture is my lunch eaten at 1600 hours.

Flowering Currant Bush


I seem to have been going round in ever decreasing circles today, sorting out students, emails, marking and getting stuff ready to take with me tomorrow when my husband goes to hospital. If it is anything like the other times he has been operated on it will be a long day. I shall stay there until he has had his operation and gone back to the ward; that is unless it gets cancelled during the day! My daughter works not far from Addenbrookes and it is likely, once he has gone to theatre, that she will join me for coffee on the concourse.

Today’s picture is of one of the flowering currant bushes in one of our borders, but not kind that has fruit on. We have red, white and black currant bushes elsewhere in the garden and hopefully they will flower and produce fruit later in the year.

Dougal and Florence are in disgrace, between them, over the last seven days, they have caught seven baby rabbits, not because they are hungry as they usually share one and leave the other on the lawn or the back doorsteps for me to remove, but because it is in their nature to catch wildlife.



It has been quite cold, but less windy today, although I have not had much time for taking photographs as I spent the morning working and this afternoon our granddaughter Victoria came to visit.

Today’s picture, taken through the kitchen window is of two of the many pigeons that were in the garden this morning.



Storm Katie made her presence known during the night with torrential rain and high winds; we even got up in the night to make sure the roof was not leaking in the conservatory, as the roofer that the builder used did not do a very good job with the lead flashing. Fortunately no water was coming in.

Torrential rain and high winds continued this morning and we also had some snow mixed in. This afternoon the sun is shining, but it is still very windy.

I spent the morning sorting out and categorising some of my old postcards, ready to go into albums; a long overdue job. Recently fourteen postcards of my village became available on eBay, from the same seller, but their deadline was between 1902 and 1916 hours last night, some only seconds from each other. In some cases I had to put my bid in and go to the next one before waiting to see if I had won the item, so I knew I would be outbid on some of them. I actually managed to get ten of them, including the three that I particularly wanted. They will be useful for the article that I have to write for our village magazine to show the buildings as they were then with photographs of how they are now.

Today is the start of the Mammal Watch, this takes place over thirteen weeks and I use my garden to record the mammals; this is the thirteenth year that I have completed this survey.

Today’s picture shows Dougal sleeping in the conservatory, he has been out several times, but does not like the wind; Florence on the other hand has been out sunning herself on the balcony. He is rather too big for the patio chair, which is currently in the conservatory.

Easter Bunny


Today’s picture is an Easter bunny, taken with the kitchen camera through the kitchen window.

Variable weather, very windy, very cold, heavy rain as well as lighter showers and as I was driving to our daughter’s home, large hailstones.

We visited our family this afternoon to give Oliver his Eastern egg, but Victoria is with friends, her mum will give her, her egg tomorrow when she gets home.

We came home in time to watch the boat race, a great result in the men’s race.


Today’s picture is of a Lesser Celandine, which is a little bit past its best. I do not like yellow flowers, but this is the closest we shall be to seeing any yellow sunshine; we have Easter weather and I shall say no more.

I have done some work, but not as much as I hoped as I have been online purchasing some clothes for the summer! I need to sort out my wardrobe and remove all the clothes that are too big for me. Although I have a little more weight to lose the last few kilos are taking their time in going, but I doubt, I will drop another size so feel safe in ordering just a few things, but not in yellow.

Dougal and Florence

D and F

Enjoying the sunshine while it lasts! Despite the sunshine it is still cold, but Dougal and Florence seem to be enjoying it.

Ocado delivered the shopping this morning and I have to say I am not very impressed with their sell-by dates. They used to be very good, but in my opinion have gone downhill just lately. All of the fruit and vegetables, except for the nectarines have a two-day life. Do they really think that we will eat a week’s worth of fruit and vegetables in two days?

I am working over some of this weekend, so that I can get ahead, so that when my husband goes into hospital after Easter I will not be so busy and will be able to visit okay.

Happy Easter everyone.