Houseboats on the River Cam


Earlier in the week it looked as though today was likely to be the best day this week for going out. (My husband said so and he looks at the synoptic charts several times a day!) Indeed it looked good so we went to Cambridge; he said it would probably rain during the afternoon. We arrived home at about 1500 hours and it did look as though would rain but has not yet done so.

The main object of the day, for me, was to have a walk; I wanted to take some panoramic photographs for the 52Dogwood challenge. I had tried this with my SLR Nikon and my Olympus Bridge camera with disastrous results! Then someone who is also doing the challenge mentioned that it was easy to do using an iPhone; indeed it was.

We started with breakfast before our walk and after taking some pictures we stopped for more coffee and cake. Today’s picture is of some houseboats on the River Cam and is similar to the panoramic one I chose for the challenge. That one is on my Flickr account as well as some of my other, not so good attempts at panoramic pictures.


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