Another cold day with a sharp frost, in our garden, this morning. It has been sunny for some of the time, but in general quite cold. One cat has been in and out many times checking the weather and around lunch time decided that it was not going to get any better, so has gone to sleep in his favourite sleeping place, along the back of one of our settees with his back against the radiator.

This morning I received a belated Christmas card and enclosed with it was this beautiful Hummingbird charm. We do not have Hummingbirds in the United Kingdom, but it seems that if you see one, you are very lucky. The Hummingbird is known as a healer and I can well image that if you saw one of these you would feel better. It seems that they can fly great distances as well as flying backwards. Many thanks L, a fellow blipper, for this beautiful gift, which just had to be blipped, although the photographs does not do it justice.

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