Only For Ducks


Male Mallard

Torrential rain over night as well as this morning and then a grey and dull day although it did stop raining during the afternoon. I did some work this morning, just catching up with a few jobs left over from Monday and Tuesday. I have spent a lot of the afternoon chasing up a tumble dryer which should have been delivered yesterday.

The ducks seemed quite happy babbling about in the water and mud so this male Mallard is my choice for today; he is looking towards his mate. The patch of ground where he is sitting is supposed to be lawn, it is under one of the bird feeders; it has been trampled and dug up by Squirrels, Ducks and Deer.

No need to read further, the following is a rant!

Just before last Christmas I was made aware that my tumble dryer was one of the ones, which was faulty and likely to catch fire. I registered for someone to visit to do a modification; it would be eight weeks, they said, before they could do the modification. Then in the middle of February they said it would be June before they could visit. At the same time, 19 February, they offered a very good deal on a new replacement; delivery was expected yesterday. Today I have spent most of the afternoon trying to find out why it had not been delivered. Whirlpool Hotpoint said the payment had not gone through and I had to wait until the money was returned to my account before I could reorder the machine. I asked how they were going to return it if the payment had been withheld! It seems that my payment, they said, “would go into a pot”, but was withheld by the bank, when they tried to collect it. My next call was to my bank who confirmed that the money had gone to the supplier. Then back onto Whirlpool Hotpoint, with an authorisation code, which would show that they did indeed have the money. It seems that my order was for two new dryers, strange because I could only purchase one as a replacement. I now have to wait for them to ring me to let me know that they have ‘found’ my payment and arrange a new delivery date. Total time wasted, mainly holding on and waiting for Whirlpool Hotpoint, over two hours; only eight minutes of that was talking with the bank.

End of Rant!

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