Foggy Marsh

My picture today is very similar to the one my husband posted! Mine was taken only a few minutes later than his and was taken across the marsh for my report today for BBC Weather Watchers. It was freezing fog and the garden temperature was minus three degrees Celsius. I was outside in my dressing gown as I was sure the fog would have disappeared if I had waited until after showering and dressing. I am not sure what the commuters, waiting for the 0713 hours train thought; maybe I was enveloped in the fog and not seen at all!

I had planned to do various jobs today, but my daughter telephoned and asked if I would go with her to buy some new clothes. She has an important judo meeting to go to tomorrow and some meetings for work next week; she has lost a lot of weight and none of her clothes fitted properly. Two hours and fifteen items later, we left the shop for home; no time to stop for coffee. Having lost fourteen kilos already, I must now make a greater effort to lose my last four kilos before she overtakes me.

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