Every year, for two weeks the Cambridge Science Festival is held in, well, Cambridge. I have been before, but my husband never has, despite warning him that it would be very busy with lots of children he decided we should go. We started with a full English breakfast and then visited the Guildhall where there were a lot of science and technology exhibits, then on to the University Centre for coffee and cake and to look at the exhibit related to Nuclear Energy. The other event on in the Uni Centre was to make an aeroplane and see how far it would fly; we declined the offer of making an aeroplane. My extra picture today was taken in the Nuclear Energy exhibit and has been taken to avoid photographing the children who were playing the game. They were mining for Uranium and had to ‘mine’ the green stones from the rest, load it onto a truck and drive it to the depot; the people running the exhibits seemed to enjoy playing with the equipment too! Then we went into a marque near the Sedgwick Museum, which was about genetic engineering using genetically modified plants to produce drugs, more efficiently than conventional methods. Today’s picture was taken in this marquee and shows two little plants, which were reacting to sunlight. The exhibit showed how plants were able to tell the time, with other plants in boxes to indicate night. We had more coffee before coming home. On Sunday 20 March, Addenbrookes are holding an ‘Open’ day to celebrate their 250th anniversary. Despite visiting this hospital often we usually enjoy their open days as you are able to see parts of the hospital not usually open to the public.

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