Happy Birthday Josephine


Happy 21st Birthday Josephine – 13 March 2016

Today ‘Josephine’ is twenty-one and this special birthday has to be celebrated with cake and maybe some wine. Unfortunately Josephine cannot have cake or wine, but her tank was filled with diesel yesterday. We celebrated her 18th birthday, three-years-ago, also with cake. She has been a brilliant car and I have had her for sixteen years; my work colleague (who had her from new) sold her to me when she went to live permanently in Greece’ Josephine was just five years old with 29000 on the clock. I am not sure how much longer she will run or what I shall get instead; I hate the idea of parting with her; she is not worth very much, so maybe she could just retire to the end of the garden; like horses are put out to pasture.

The day has been very warm with brilliant sunshine all day and temperatures of around twelve degrees Celsius.


Happy 18th Birthday Josephine – 23 March 2013

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