Coloured Pencils

There are many more things I should be doing this morning than faffing about putting my Christmas colouring pencils into a new pencil case. However, to mark student’s scripts effectively and consistently over the whole sample, one’s head must be in the right place; today mine is not! Yesterday afternoon I developed a sore throat, but it was not a normal sore throat, more like I remember tonsillitis to be, with a swollen throat. It is many years since I had tonsillitis so I doubt that is what it is.

So I decided it was time to put my pencils in my new pencil case. This is the second case I have purchased, when the first one arrived, someone, decided they liked it very much so I purchased a second one in grey, rather than black. I spent a long time lining them all up in numerical order, helped occasionally by a certain paw, which wanted to play. It was difficult getting them to line up correctly and once in the pencil case I could see why, the numbers did not fully align; it is due to the printing of the number on the pencil!

The weather today has been dull and cold; now, this afternoon as I post my picture, still no proper work has been completed, still there is always tomorrow and the four days of the Easter holidays in which to catch up.

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