Flowering Currant Bush


I seem to have been going round in ever decreasing circles today, sorting out students, emails, marking and getting stuff ready to take with me tomorrow when my husband goes to hospital. If it is anything like the other times he has been operated on it will be a long day. I shall stay there until he has had his operation and gone back to the ward; that is unless it gets cancelled during the day! My daughter works not far from Addenbrookes and it is likely, once he has gone to theatre, that she will join me for coffee on the concourse.

Today’s picture is of one of the flowering currant bushes in one of our borders, but not kind that has fruit on. We have red, white and black currant bushes elsewhere in the garden and hopefully they will flower and produce fruit later in the year.

Dougal and Florence are in disgrace, between them, over the last seven days, they have caught seven baby rabbits, not because they are hungry as they usually share one and leave the other on the lawn or the back doorsteps for me to remove, but because it is in their nature to catch wildlife.

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