Today has been a long day, I was up at 0445 hours, as I took my hospital to Addenbrookes hospital; we were there by 0630 hours. He was gowned and ready for theatre by 0900 hours, but it was not until 1515 hours that they came to collect him. I had been told he would be about three hours, but when I went back to A3 where he was going to after surgery, I was told that he was still in theatre and not yet in the recovery room; it would be at least another two to three hours. I came home.

I was hardly through the door when the sister on C8 rang to say he was out of theatre and been taken to C8; this is orthopaedic and the sister did not say why he had been taken there. I have not spoken to him; maybe he does not have his phone with him as all his belongs were on A3 as he should have gone back there.

After he had gone to theatre I went down on to the concourse to wait; my daughter arrived to wait with me. Today’s picture is my lunch eaten at 1600 hours.

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