We went into Bishop’s Stortford this morning, to Homebase to check whether there had been any developments regarding the new kitchen; currently, they have the kitchen and the money. It seems it will all be sorted out on Tuesday. We shall see and in the meantime, I might have to put the thirty-four year old kitchen, chosen by someone else, back into my kitchen!

We then went to have breakfast in the Rosey Lea café and then for a short walk along the river. We had coffee in Sainsbury’s before coming home.

I took quite a lot of pictures today and I was going to use one of a splashing Mallard, but then decided that I have resident ducks in the garden so I have chosen this boat, which is different to the normal narrow boats that are usually moored here.

The weather is good with bright sunshine, but cold in the shade. Two years ago today the weather was similar, when we started on what was supposedly a small building project rebuilding the veranda at the back of the house. It had been there over fifty years and was looking dilapidated and becoming unsafe. Three sacked steel workers and two different building companies sacked later, it is still not finished! The kitchen, mainly due to the courtesy of my Aunt Margaret, my last remaining relative on my father’s side, who died three years ago, was really an afterthought and I am still not convinced that it will ever appear.

Not Hoppy


I spent the morning finishing the housework I started yesterday, mainly steam cleaning the floors. I still have endless windows to clean, but left them today, as I did not want to make it rain! I also unpacked a small garden table and two chairs for indoor use; Dougal promptly curled up on one of the chairs for a snooze. I did a little work in the garden, mainly spraying the stinging nettles in the flower borders with weed killer. This makes life much easier when it start weeding them otherwise they can be three-feet high, by the time I get round to weeding the borders; my helper is still busy at school and I still have exam marking to do.

Today’s picture is another Reeves Muntjac; this is not Hoppy our resident deer with a damaged front left leg. This one does not yet have a name and looks younger than Hoppy and is I suspect a female. Mummy Moorhen has visited with the two chicks that she still has and the Squirrels were busy, not only eating from their own box, but from the newly filled bird feeders.


Yesterday, late in the afternoon a police officer arrived to take a witness statement. He will liaise with the school (with the former police officer) and at this stage they will be warned about harassment, then if they are caught again they can be arrested. Their parents will be told and can sit-in when the boys are interviewed should they wish to do so.

Cherry Blossom


I spent most of the morning doing housework and had just finished vacuuming when Scotsdales telephoned to say that the Lavender plants, which were on offer this week, had arrived. As it was lunchtime we decided to have a snack lunch, jacket potato, at Scotsdales before purchasing the Lavenders and coming home. If the weather is good tomorrow I shall work in the garden, planting the Lavenders, getting the small vegetable patch cleared and planting my Dahlia tubers, although we are still experiencing frost in the garden most mornings.

Today’s picture is of some of the cherry blossom on one of our trees, the birds usually eat the cherries before they are ripe and already the pigeons are eating the blossom.

More progress with the ‘hooligans’. A former police officer, who now works at the school telephoned this morning and now an harassment charge has been filed with Essex police. What happens next? I do not know!

Cutting The Ribbon

Today was an Addenbrookes Hospital day, but one with a difference.

Some of you may remember that back on 29 September 2013, my husband had emergency surgery (with a less than ten percent chance of survival) at Addenbrookes Hospital and was in Intensive Care for a while. (He has been in several times more since then!) More recently we were invited to join a Patient and Relative Focus Group led by the doctor in charge of the Intensive Care Unit, Dr Vilas Navapurkar. There were improvements that he wanted, for the Intensive Care area, but as always, no money for them and his weight alone was not enough; this is why he formed the Focus Group.

Today was the opening of the smaller of the two relative’s rooms, inside the Intensive Care Unit, which has been refurbished, courtesy of John Lewis Partnerships. The larger of the relative rooms is yet to be completely renovated, although there are already some new items of furniture in place.

Today’s picture shows my husband speaking with Dr Navapurkar, the extra shows some of the group, including a rare picture of me, taken as the ribbon was being cut.

Lunch was eaten in Cambridge with coffee and cake at Scotsdales Garden Centre on the way home.


Red Cowslips


Today is my 1800th consecutive blip, no longer a red balloon day, (do these still exist?) but it is a nice round number, so today I am using these red Cowslips to celebrate.

As I approach my five-year blip, on 24 May, I wondered whether to cut back or even stop blipping. That was a fleeting thought and fortunately, gone very quickly; I enjoy taking a picture every day and recording my often boring life for others to read. I am also nosey and would greatly miss your journals, your ups and downs as well as greeting new babies, watching children grow up, admiring pets and sadly saying goodbye to blippers as well as their pets. However, I do think that it is time I updated my profile again, which I will do in May.

We have had a variety of different kinds of weather today. Intermittent rain, snow, hail and a few brief (very brief) interludes of sunshine. I have been indoors all day, except when I went outside to take my picture, the weather must be atrocious, even Florence, our all-weather cat is indoors.

There appears to be some progress with the saga of the hooligans, for want of a better word. One of our local councillors has become involved and has emailed the ‘Head’ of the school. I am also getting replies to the emails I sent to the Joyce Franklin Academy. The boys were identified when their picture appeared, by request, but very briefly, on the village FaceBook page and the school has also identified them. An harassment charge has been lodged, for us, by the school. Unfortunately, I think if they leave us alone, they are likely to antagonise other folk in the village, but at the moment we do appear to be their prime target.

Baby Moorhen


This morning I watched the London Marathon, until the men’s, women’s and wheelchair races had finished; I did not watch the fun runners. During this time I saw two Mallards sitting on our wall and decided they would be my blip.

However, during the afternoon I went outside, it was quite cold, despite the sunshine. As I approached the pond I saw a baby Moorhen, but as it saw me, or more likely Florence, who was with me it left the pond and went into the reeds. My husband and I were discussing the other day that we had not seen any ducklings, baby Coots or baby Moorhens this year, so this one had to be my blip. We thought it was alone, but suddenly its mother called it and this one, along with a few others, (which we had not seen,) swam to her side and went off into the marsh. The picture below is the same baby chick swimming on our pond, before it disappeared into the reeds with its mother.

Other than that a lazy Sunday, getting ready for a busy week ahead, with an Addenbrookes appointment for my husband and student tutorials to be given.