Male Chaffinch

This morning I went to Saffron Walden with our daughter, we went the long-way round. The B1383 was flooded at the North end of the village, under the railway bridge. Our daughter reported it at 0710 hours, when she could not get through to take her granddaughter to Audley End Railway Station. Later in the morning, other residents also reported it, but the highways people did not come out except to put some ‘flood’ warning’ signs up. They said they would wait for it to go down. As it was over a metre deep, this was going to take a while. The warning signs were too close to the flood, so large lorries had to turn round and go back as they were all too high for the tiny lane through  Bridge End where traffic is diverted when the road floods. We came back the long-way too although the traffic was moving quite well by then.

We had coffee and cake in Café CouCou and then had our nails done. Other than that I have not done very much else.

It has been raining on and off all day, at times very heavily with occasional thunder, but no hail today. I took today’s picture of this male Chaffinch through the kitchen window; it is feeding off of one of our hanging bird tables, made by my husband several years ago.

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