There was a frost first thing this morning, with sunshine and blue sky, but as the day wore on it became overcast, but did not rain. Today’s picture is of some lads eating their lunch, outside Carlucci’s restaurant near the Grand Arcade.

We went to Cambridge, as I wanted to purchase two more security cameras for the house, although one had to be ordered. We started with breakfast and then went to Greens Café for coffee; they did not have any gluten-free cake. The boss lady was not in today and I suspect that they had not taken any out of the freezer. After purchasing some items that my husband wanted, we went back over to the Grafton Centre so that I could purchase two large wooden boxes of pens, pencils, crayons and paints, which were rather too heavy to carry very far, which is why they were purchased last. We decided on more coffee and cake in BHS, but they have discontinued their gluten free cake and hot pies as they said there was no call for them; I was not impressed.

Scotsdales saved the day with a gluten-free cake and more coffee. I went into the garden centre for some more peanuts and came out with various other bits and pieces. We also purchased two new wooden chairs and a small table for the conservatory; they will be delivered next Monday.

All-in-all a pretty good day.

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