Today I was filling the bird feeders when three V22 Osprey short-take-off and landing aeroplanes flew overhead; where was my camera? Oh it was in the house. I rarely go into the garden without a camera, but because I was filling bird feeders I did not want to get seed into a camera.

They flew over the house and then two of them circled the marsh, before flying off towards Stansted Airport. I dashed into the house to get my camera in case they came back. No such luck, but I did see the helicopters. I thought there were five, but the Herts and Essex Observer said that there were two Sea King and two UK Police Helicopters. It seems they were practicing for President Obama’s visit later in the week. Today’s picture is of one of the Sea King helicopters, it did not fly into our trees, but they were quite low.

As many of you know, in eleven days time, two years ago, we started modernising our home. There were a great many problems with two different builders, both were fired; we did not think there could be any more problems. Alas, yesterday when I was checking our bank statements an amount had been taken for the kitchen. We were told by Homebase when we ordered the kitchen that we did not have to pay for the kitchen until a year after it had been delivered and that we could pay for it, in full. To cut a long story short, it seems that Homebase say that they delivered the kitchen on Friday 1 April and it was signed for as satisfactory! This coincides with when my husband was in Addenbrookes; I was visiting him. We went over to Homebase in Bishop’s Stortford, during the evening (this is a backblip) and hopefully they will be able to sort it out.

We decided to eat out in Bishop’s Stortford as it was getting late and went to ‘Bill’s’. I was not sure it would be any good as the only other one of these that I have visited was in Cambridge and I was not impressed on that occasion. However, it was very good, especially as they had gluten-free bread to go with my prawn cocktail and chocolate brownies for pudding.

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