Baby Moorhen


This morning I watched the London Marathon, until the men’s, women’s and wheelchair races had finished; I did not watch the fun runners. During this time I saw two Mallards sitting on our wall and decided they would be my blip.

However, during the afternoon I went outside, it was quite cold, despite the sunshine. As I approached the pond I saw a baby Moorhen, but as it saw me, or more likely Florence, who was with me it left the pond and went into the reeds. My husband and I were discussing the other day that we had not seen any ducklings, baby Coots or baby Moorhens this year, so this one had to be my blip. We thought it was alone, but suddenly its mother called it and this one, along with a few others, (which we had not seen,) swam to her side and went off into the marsh. The picture below is the same baby chick swimming on our pond, before it disappeared into the reeds with its mother.

Other than that a lazy Sunday, getting ready for a busy week ahead, with an Addenbrookes appointment for my husband and student tutorials to be given.


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