Cutting The Ribbon

Today was an Addenbrookes Hospital day, but one with a difference.

Some of you may remember that back on 29 September 2013, my husband had emergency surgery (with a less than ten percent chance of survival) at Addenbrookes Hospital and was in Intensive Care for a while. (He has been in several times more since then!) More recently we were invited to join a Patient and Relative Focus Group led by the doctor in charge of the Intensive Care Unit, Dr Vilas Navapurkar. There were improvements that he wanted, for the Intensive Care area, but as always, no money for them and his weight alone was not enough; this is why he formed the Focus Group.

Today was the opening of the smaller of the two relative’s rooms, inside the Intensive Care Unit, which has been refurbished, courtesy of John Lewis Partnerships. The larger of the relative rooms is yet to be completely renovated, although there are already some new items of furniture in place.

Today’s picture shows my husband speaking with Dr Navapurkar, the extra shows some of the group, including a rare picture of me, taken as the ribbon was being cut.

Lunch was eaten in Cambridge with coffee and cake at Scotsdales Garden Centre on the way home.


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