Not Hoppy


I spent the morning finishing the housework I started yesterday, mainly steam cleaning the floors. I still have endless windows to clean, but left them today, as I did not want to make it rain! I also unpacked a small garden table and two chairs for indoor use; Dougal promptly curled up on one of the chairs for a snooze. I did a little work in the garden, mainly spraying the stinging nettles in the flower borders with weed killer. This makes life much easier when it start weeding them otherwise they can be three-feet high, by the time I get round to weeding the borders; my helper is still busy at school and I still have exam marking to do.

Today’s picture is another Reeves Muntjac; this is not Hoppy our resident deer with a damaged front left leg. This one does not yet have a name and looks younger than Hoppy and is I suspect a female. Mummy Moorhen has visited with the two chicks that she still has and the Squirrels were busy, not only eating from their own box, but from the newly filled bird feeders.


Yesterday, late in the afternoon a police officer arrived to take a witness statement. He will liaise with the school (with the former police officer) and at this stage they will be warned about harassment, then if they are caught again they can be arrested. Their parents will be told and can sit-in when the boys are interviewed should they wish to do so.

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