We went into Bishop’s Stortford this morning, to Homebase to check whether there had been any developments regarding the new kitchen; currently, they have the kitchen and the money. It seems it will all be sorted out on Tuesday. We shall see and in the meantime, I might have to put the thirty-four year old kitchen, chosen by someone else, back into my kitchen!

We then went to have breakfast in the Rosey Lea café and then for a short walk along the river. We had coffee in Sainsbury’s before coming home.

I took quite a lot of pictures today and I was going to use one of a splashing Mallard, but then decided that I have resident ducks in the garden so I have chosen this boat, which is different to the normal narrow boats that are usually moored here.

The weather is good with bright sunshine, but cold in the shade. Two years ago today the weather was similar, when we started on what was supposedly a small building project rebuilding the veranda at the back of the house. It had been there over fifty years and was looking dilapidated and becoming unsafe. Three sacked steel workers and two different building companies sacked later, it is still not finished! The kitchen, mainly due to the courtesy of my Aunt Margaret, my last remaining relative on my father’s side, who died three years ago, was really an afterthought and I am still not convinced that it will ever appear.

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