Today was another hospital visit for my husband, but to Papworth Everard, this time for two appointments. We went early, one appointment was in the morning, the other in the afternoon. We had a long wait in the middle of the day so went into the café to have something to eat. I am very limited in what I can eat there, so it was a jacket potato, with butter and some green leaves. No cake, but I had a chocolate bar instead. Now that I am home I am very hungry!

We have been to Papworth many times, but until today, did not know there was a lake in the grounds. It is quite big with lots of seats all the way round it and although the sun shone, the wind was quite chilly. There was a lot of wild fowl on and around the lake as well as quite big fish, but as I only had a point and press with me, close-ups were out of the question, so today it is a view across the lake.

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