Oil-seed Rape


Today was a ‘nail’ day with my daughter, although I had my polish and gel taken off and not renewed as I often have some problems with my nails, which become detached from the nail bed, so they have to be ‘rested’ every few months. The appointment was late morning so we went to The Temeraire, which is owned by JD Wethspoons for breakfast. We have not been there before so decided to give it a try. They have several separate menus including one which is gluten-free. The food was good, the price was good and we will be going there again.

On my return to my daughter’s house for coffee, we walked around her garden and I took todays picture from her garden. It shows one of the many Oil-seed Rape fields; they play havoc with my hay fever!

“Rapeseed oil is one of the highest yield oils – it has very black seeds, which are like poppy seeds, and they are 45% oil – and the other 55% is high protein animal feed – they are an amazing piece of nature.”

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