Ely Cathedral


Today I went to the Ely Blip-meet organised by Valerie1940, many thanks Valerie it was a most enjoyable day. It was good to meet new blippers and hopefully we will meet again at future blip-meets. Being lazy and instead of posting everyone’s blip-name I am including a link to Lisa24270 who has already done the hard work and included everyone; thanks Lisa.

We were a large group and although we all started together, we split into groups as we walked to the Cathedral, stopping for gluten-free carrot cake and coffee at the Cathedral coffee shop. I did not go in the cathedral, (I was born in The Fens and I have visited many times before), but went instead to walk by the river with some of the other blippers. We met again in the Cutters Inn, where some of us had lunch, before I visited an Antiques Shop, prior to returning home.

I went on the train instead of driving, it is was just as quick and only slightly more expensive than the diesel for my car, but with less stress; especially as the trains all connected beautifully and ran on time.

Today’s picture is the last one I took, as I walked back to the Railway Station. It is of course, Ely Cathedral, my favourite Cathedral; it is where I graduated, both times and collected my degree certificates. I chose this one as I very much doubt that any of the other blippers will have one taken from this spot. The rest I will post on Flickr and I will include a link once I have done so.

It was a glorious day, perfect for a blip-meet. Thanks everyone.

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