As it was a bright, warm, sunny day I had the conservatory door open as well as some windows. Dougal decided to bring me a present and as he could get in easily he brought it into the dining room and dropped it! After hunting around a little I discovered that he had brought home a lizard. There was no time for a picture as I rescued and returned it to the garden. The conservatory door is now shut and due to his injuries he cannot jump high enough to get in through the windows.

I wondered why my legs and back ached this morning, but I did walk quite a bit yesterday, doing just short of 15000 steps, which is high for me although I have done 20000 in a day, but not often. So a lazy day catching up with photographs, journals and reading.

Today’s picture is of one of our Bluebell stalks, which the deer have not yet eaten. Yesterday’s blip of Ely Cathedral, taken at the blip-meet was not posted until this morning; if you missed it and want to look, click here.

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