Courgette and Orange Cake


My Cake

As I have very little work until I start script marking I decided that today I would bake a cake. I also made a tomato pasta bake from the recipe on the back of the Heinz tomato soup tin; I enjoyed it, my husband ate it, but is not keen to have it again.

I have several recipes that I have collected and wanted to try when I had time, all contain vegetables. As my husband does not like carrot or chocolate cake, I decided to try the courgette, orange and walnut cake. Today’s main picture shows the finished cake; the extra is a picture of the cake taken from the recipe. The walnuts and orange pieces were deliberately left off: the butter cream was flavoured with orange. The original recipe was taken from a Waitrose magazine and has been adapted to make it gluten-free.

It is another hot day, not a good day for cooking and baking. Dougal does not know whether he wants to be in the house in the North lounge, which is cool, or outside under some garden furniture. Florence is sunbathing on the balcony and it is doubtful whether she will come in again before it gets dark.

Original cake.jpg

Picture of original cake from original recipe

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