Bill’s Restaurant

Bills BS.jpg

We spent most of the day at Addenbrookes Hospital, but not at any clinics. We had two meetings, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. On the way home we decided to go to Bishop’s Stortford to attempt, once again, to sort out the problem with our kitchen.

This was a bad move, firstly the person we needed to see was not there and secondly, the M11 was closed to traffic, due to an overturned lorry, which also caught fire, blocking both lanes of the North bound carriageway, so the traffic was diverted, as it usually is, through the villages. As I approached the Birchanger roundabout, the rain was torrential and car drivers were blocking the roundabout and driving in a dangerous way, in an attempt to get to the motorway, probably not realising that it was closed, or they may have been going South.

Instead of coming straight home, via another route, we decided to have dinner out and went to Bill’s restaurant in Bishop’s Stortford. I had my camera with me all day, but did not take any pictures, so today’s blip is of Bill’s restaurant taken with my iPhone. We went there a couple of weeks ago and almost went to Carluccio’s, which is opposite. I later found out that my grandson was there with his new girlfriend (the family have not yet met here) so perhaps it was as well that we did not go there.

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