The humans went out again this morning, something about sorting out a kitchen, then SHE thinks I am going to pose for her! Well I did not; I am watching Daddy with his bonfire. She thinks she can get round me by letting me write in the journal, which I am allowed to do on my birthday and my special anniversary.

Anyway, they got some shopping and even had time for breakfast in the Rosey Lea. It seems that the kitchen is all sorted and is exactly where it should be in the warehouse, on a pallet with cling wrap round it. Daddy said an apology had been made because the mistake was theirs. A lot of fuss about a kitchen in my opinion.

I liked the other picture of me best, (the extra) where I am keeping my claws sharp for catching rodents and even a lizard the other day, which she rescued and let it get away. Yesterday Florence and me made holes and scratches on her leg. I did it on purposed, grabbing her leg in the garden, but Florence slipped off her lap and used her claws to stop herself falling onto the floor.

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