The weather has been strange today, quite warm and sunny, suddenly changing to overcast.

I have done very little today, except watch the F1 Qualy from Spain. Then I went outside to get my blip and decided on these Mallards, they were sitting on the lawn, but moved to the water, as I got closer. Unlike the young Squirrel trying to get nuts out of an almost empty nut box. He was so small he could not reach the nuts at the bottom of the box. I refilled it for him, but he shows no fear of humans or cats, allowing me to get so close that I could touch him, although I did not. I filled his box for him and hope that he soon gets streetwise, or should that be gardenwise, very soon. I have not blipped the Squirrel as my husband took a picture of him earlier for his blip.

My students are almost at the end of their module and just to keep me busy, the script marking guide arrived this morning. I have to test mark six scripts and then go to Milton Keynes at the end of the week to discuss the scripts and marking with the module chair and the other script markers so that we set a standard for the hundreds of scripts to be marked. A lot of work, for very little money, but it is something I love to do.

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