Toad With A Headache


I had completed all the work I needed to do, ready for Friday, by lunchtime, so after lunch I went into the garden to plant two small trees and six Lavenders bushes. After I had dug the holes I filled them with water before planting the plants. When I went to refill the watering can I realised there was something in the bottom. I shook the watering can and gave it a hefty bang on the ground. When I tipped over, this Toad fell out. I am assuming that it is a Toad, even though it is not the usual colour, as it does have a lot of warts on its back. I gently moved it nearer the pond and under some leaves; minutes later it had disappeared.

The weather has been bright, sunny and warm, although it appears that it will rain later, which will give the newly planted items a good watering.

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