Today was an Addenbrookes day with a difference. My husband had an appointment, this afternoon, for his Sarcoidosis check up in clinic 14; it affects his eyes, more than his lungs. However, he had to attend A and E this morning, on the instructions of the third GP who has looked at the problem, which is affecting his left leg. He was there at 0900 hours, but I had to come back to Saffron Walden for another appointment at lunchtime and then back to Clinic 14, which even on a good day is always a long appointment. Today’s picture was taken in Clinic 14 and was one of the cold cups of tea that he consumed. Every time I fetched drinks, he was called away to different departments; he ate his lunchtime sandwiches once we arrived home. I took two pictures today, this is one of them; the other will be used by my husband. We arrived home at 1830 hours, after an eventful, but productive day.

It has rained on and off all day, in Cambridge, although it has also been quite w

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