Walton Hall


Today I went to Milton Keynes, leaving on the 0643 hours trains to London Liverpool Street Station. While on the train I ‘people watched’ and was amazed that no one was reading a newspaper. Many of the females got out their make up bags and preceded to make up their face, many others were using their mobile telephones, although they could have been reading a book, checking their emails or playing a game; what did we do before mobiles too over out life?

Then I travelled by underground to Euston station and boarded a Virgin train to Milton Keynes taking a taxi to Walton Hall. It was an uneventful journey getting me to my destination in just over two hours, no stress and quicker than on many occasions by car in the past. The return journey was longer as I missed my final train by five minutes at Tottenham Hale; probably because I got stuck in one of the exit barriers from the underground. A long story, but it closed on me and my ticket shot over the barrier! As I had a long wait for my final train, I purchased a cup of coffee, then discovered that I could catch an earlier train. The coffee was very hot and as I was sipping it on the train, the train lurched and the result was a burnt roof of my mouth! I will save you the gory details, but it does look rather a mess!

Today’s picture is of Walton Hall, the home of the Open University where I attended a scriptmarker’s meeting. I was going to blip the famous Mulberry tree, which is so old that it has to be propped up on wood, but with only my iPhone it was difficult to get all of it in. It is included as an extra as well as the seats on the Virgin train; why? Because it is the first time I have been on a Virgin train.

Commenting will be even more limited for the next two weeks, as I meet deadlines, but I will eventually catch up with everyone at some point.

Tomorrow is my five year anniversary, any guesses as to who will feature?

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