Little Egret


I was up earlier than usual morning, as I had to take my husband to the surgery for his monthly blood tests. He normally walks, but with an orthopaedic boot on I decided I would take him.

I looked out of the kitchen window towards the pond and was amazed to see what I first thought was a Heron. Once I had taken some pictures of it I realised that it was a Little Egret and it is my blip for today; I have never seen one before ever. The camera kept focusing on a nearby branch with some leaves on it; I have now chopped off that bit of the bush, but that was too late to allow me to get a better picture. It was taken through the kitchen window and the pond is fifty or more metres away from the house.

After his visit to the surgery we went into Cambridge as although we have a big mower for the orchard and large lawns, neither of us can pull the cord to start the petrol mower; the disadvantages of getting old! This one will do those awkward corners and the front where the bigger mower cannot and hopefully we will be able to find the cats, once the long grass has been mown. We managed to get a fairly cheap one, which will do the job. On the way back we stopped at Scotsdales as I wanted some water hyacinths for my little pond for the frogs to sit on; they are out of stock until Thursday; I am not sure I will have time to visit Scotsdales again this week, so the frogs might have to manage with what they have for now.

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