Sicilian Honey-Garlic


I took a break from marking at lunchtime to meet a former work colleague for a ‘pensioner’s lunch’ with the intention of getting back to work on my return. However, I did not get as much done as I had hoped as our neighbour had just arrived when I got home to let me know when they will be away; their daughter’s dog is back with them so Bo will probably feature at some point in the not too distant future.

I had an email from Jessops to say my Nikon was ready for collection, when I checked on Monday they said it would probably be another three weeks; it must have been in transit! I now have to find time to go and collect it as although I love my little Olympus, I do miss my Nikon.

We did not see the Little Egret today although he made a second appearance last night. It is quite feasible that he had visited when no-one was looking out of the window.

Today’s picture is of some flowers, I have no idea what they are and do not recall seeing them before. They appear to have grown up through the middle of another plant, which has been there years.

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